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3R Traffic Survey Specialist, Inc.

Since 2004...

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 Traffic Survey need in MD, DC, VA, WV, PA, DE, NJ, NY...

Please call me right away.. RJ, Traffic Engineer at 240-353-3256 (cell) or Email for quick response

Email to :- trafficsurvey@3rtr.com  with location details. Please, Schedule your traffic counting date's with us

For Intersection Turning Movements Manual Counts and Roadway Segment Machine Counts

Exclusive Company for Traffic Survey and Data Collection Services in USA

100% Quality & Guarantee Services

List of Services

Travel Time Study - Using GPS Tracking method

Intersection Turning Movements Manual Counts

Roadway Segment directional Vehicle Volume counts

Vehicle Speed Counts, Vehicle Classification counts

Vehicle Occupancy Counts....

Shopping mall Parking Lot Occupancy Counts....

Site Traffic Studies & Intersection Critical Lanes Volume analysis

( Using Synchro Software )

Neighborhoods Safety & Traffic Calming Studies

Roadway Segment Volume & Classification and  & Intersection Vehicle Turning Movements Video Cam counting

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Traffic Engineering

   Transportation Planning

Information Technology

Contact Us


3405 Pennsylvania St


Maryland 20783


 Office: (301) 422-4013   

Cell: (240) 353-3256

Email: trafficsurvey@3rtr.com













For traffic counts, Call RJ at 301-422-4013 or send an e-mail with count details to trafficsurvey@3rtr.com  and get cost of proposal on the same day.

Service Listing

Traffic data collection( Turning Movement counts and ATR- Automatic Traffic Recorders).

Traffic Impact study and Traffic Studies (Traffic analysis using the HCS and the Critical Lane Volume method)

Transportation planning and building roadway networks for Travel Demand Model (using Arc GISís and Viper)

We use advance technology to collect GPS/ GIS( features and attributes).Used Geo - XT Handheld Trimble Machine

Data base conversion.

Traffic Noise Studies( TNM Updated Version) with and without wall/Berm for all traffic conditions.

Air Quality Studies for all kind of weather conditions.

Traffic Simulation( Synchro and Corsim with latest Software) for all traffic conditions.

Analyze Signal timing optimization, Roadway geometric design & Pavement Marking, Design Parking

Layout by using Auto CAD and Micro Station.

Passenger Survey( Bus/Train passenger On Ė Board).

Video( License Plate) recording for Origin - Destination Survey( Traffic Distribution Study).

  Company Size and Inventory       

          Excellent Computer Skills.

          Traffic Analysis Software and Drafting Tools.

          Traffic Data Collection Equipments( Manual Counter Board and Automatic Recorder).

          Intersection Turning Movements Counts - 10 to 15 intersections per week.

          Experienced Traffic Engineers, data collection technicians, and Computer Specialists.

          Contact Information

           Telephone: (301) 422 - 4013
            Fax: 301-422-4013

            Postal address: 3405 Pennsylvania St, Hyattsville, Maryland 20783

    General Information: trafficsurvey@3rtr.com

    Customer Support: trafficsurvey@3rtr.com


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