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3R Traffic Survey Specialist, Inc.

Since 2004...

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 Traffic Survey need in MD, DC, VA, WV, PA, DE, NJ, NY...

Please call me right away.. RJ, Traffic Engineer at 240-353-3256 (cell) or Email for quick response

Email to :- trafficsurvey@3rtr.com  with location details. Please, Schedule your traffic counting date's with us

For Intersection Turning Movements Manual Counts and Roadway Segment Machine Counts

Exclusive Company for Traffic Survey and Data Collection Services in USA

100% Quality & Guarantee Services

List of Services

Travel Time Study - Using GPS Tracking method

Intersection Turning Movements Manual Counts

Roadway Segment directional Vehicle Volume counts

Vehicle Speed Counts, Vehicle Classification counts

Vehicle Occupancy Counts....

Shopping mall Parking Lot Occupancy Counts....

Site Traffic Studies & Intersection Critical Lanes Volume analysis

( Using Synchro Software )

Neighborhoods Safety & Traffic Calming Studies

Roadway Segment Volume & Classification and  & Intersection Vehicle Turning Movements Video Cam counting

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3R Traffic Survey Specialist  is a professional Traffic Survey and Traffic Impact Study company located in Hyattsville, Maryland -Washington DC metropolitan area. 3R Traffic is doing business from 2004 and remains dedicated to meet and exceed each and every clients needs and expectations.  3R is an exclusive company for traffic data collection services, but also offers intersection turning movement counts (manual counts) with optional video recording, roadway volume counts, classification counts, speed counts, gap counts, O-D survey, Video recordings (up to 164 hours) and public opinion survey. We do Traffic Study and Traffic Impact Study for new developments to obtain permits from  the planning department. We are experts in traffic simulation, traffic noise study, neighborhood traffic safety study, traffic calming reviews, traffic signal design and travel demand modeling for forecasting and budget planning.

We have performed intersection turning movements counts for more than 1500 intersections in MD, DC, VA, WV, DE, PA and NJ. We do traffic counting services anywhere in USA.

For urgent traffic counts, Call RJ at 240-353-3256 or send an e-mail with count details to trafficsurvey@3rtr.com  and get cost of proposal on the same day.

Our Mission is

To provide quality professional services to our clients .

3R Traffic,. is working with top management of corporations, serving and adding value to their operations.

By accepting challenging assignments and taking maximum advantage of our capabilities and our experience, we are able to make a measurable difference in the results of the companies we serve.

Marketing Profile and our Interesting

3R is interested in working with developers to get building permits from the planning department and assisting other engineering companies in the USA.

We are specialized in Intersection Turning Movements counts for Intersection Analysis, but also offer Roadway volume counts (tube counts) with optional video recording. We do traffic analysis by using the Critical Lane Volume Method and the Highway Capacity Manual Method. We are specialized in traffic simulation and signal timing optimization (CORSIM and Synchro Sim traffic software), Intersection Signal Design, Environmental Studies, Noise Study, Neighborhood Safety Study, Truck Study, etc.

We do GPS and GIS for various features and attributes, we also do roadway inventories, bus stop utilities, etc.

We provide Software Consulting and maintenance and Graphics Design for websites and company logos.

We also do on-site computer software training classes.

Traffic Counting Services Task Completion

We have been doing Traffic Data Collection Services from 2004, in MD, DC, VA, WV, DE, NJ, NY, PA..

Completed many more Roadway Segment Volume Counts / Speed Counts / Classification Counts / Gap Study for Land Developers

Completed more than 2500 Intersections Manual Turning Movements Counts for Land Developers

Listed few locations Traffic Counts Collected in 2012- 2015 for Reference

Travel Time Study - GPS Tracking method ( done On I-66 ( from I-495 to US 15 ), US50 / US29 ( I-495 to US15)

Travel Time Study - GPS Tracking method, US 50 ( from I-495 to Rte 28 )

15 hrs Intersections Turning Movements Counts in Fort Salonga Road Corridor, Long Island NY

On-Call Contract with Auto Zone ( Speed Counts and Volume Counts ), Pennsylvania State

72 hrs Classification Counts for National Guard Base, Reisterstown, Maryland

72 hrs Volume Counts for National Guard Base, Charleston, West Virginia

AM / PM Hour Intersections Turning Movements Counts for Fort Myer Army Base, Virginia

13 hrs Intersection Turning Movements Counts for Forest Glen Army Base, Maryland

1 Week counts for Dunkin Donuts at several locations, Maryland and West Virginia

24 hrs Intersection Volume Counts ( all legs ) and 8 hrs Intersection Manual Turning Movement Counts for Quantico Navy Base, Virginia

24 hrs Roadway segment Volume Counts for Quantico Navy Base, Virginia

US 1 and Fuller Road, Virginia. Intersection study and analysis, recommendation for intersection improvement (used Synchro for analysis)

Company Size and Inventory

We are capable of collecting intersection Turning Movements count up to 15 intersections per week.

We have enough Traffic Data Collection Equipments (JAMAR Manual Counter Boards and Automatic Traffic Recorders Time Mark Gamma Machines and Cam Video Counts ).

We have Traffic Analysis Software, Drafting Tools, and excellent computer skills.

For urgent traffic counts, Call RJ at 301-422-4013 or send an e-mail with count details to trafficsurvey@3rtr.com  and get cost of proposal on the same day.

Contact Information

Telephone: (301) 422 - 4013 (office ), (240) - 353 - 3256 (cell)
Fax: 301-422-4013

Postal address: 3405 Pennsylvania St, Hyattsville, Maryland 20783

General Information, please  email to --> trafficsurvey@3rtr.com

Customer Support: trafficsurvey@3rtr.com

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